- PVC, high density corrugated & smooth thermal fusion Polyethylene

- With and non edge cast steel

- Malleable iron

- to Potable water systems

- to Fire prevention systems

- Agricultural and sport drainage systems



- Sanitary

- Pluvial / Storm

- Agricultural plots

- Highways

- Uprigth deep well Turbines

- Deep well sumersibles

- Standarize & non standarize Fire prevention systems

- Sewage sumersibles

- Uprigth & horizontal centrifuge

- Multi-stage centrifuge

- Recirculate


Bio-Microbics is a company specialized in sewage and pluvial, transfer and  products treatment.


With more than ten thousand of installations around the world, the Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology of Bio-Microbic (FITT ™) and our waste water treatment systems (FAST ®) have been used succesfully on global markets at place. Bio-Microbics works with sewage, pluvial and water recycle to residencial, comercial and boats markets.


Grundfos BoosterpaQ MPC system it is developed with the highest standars and with the MPC control you can handle the hardest pumping works in a precise and easy way.


Quality committed.

Our quality commited is evident in all the aspects in BoosterpaQ MPC systems. Based in CR pump line highly efficent and reliable, BoosterpQ MPC is a totally integrated solution. Each component has been make by Grundfos with the hightes quality standars in order to you be certain that all technology used perfectly work toghether and you will be solved in all your


- Butterfly valve

- Ball

- Blade

- Diaphragm

- Safety

- Gate

- Globe & check



- Coupling

- Tee

- Yee

- Cap

- Cross

- Nipple

- Olet

- Nut


Head office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. Francisco J. Mujica. St. Commercial office 2. Donceles 28 Colony, La Paz, BCS 23078 zip code

Branch office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. 1415 Dr. Norman E. Borlaug St. Municipio Libre Colony. Obregon City, Sonora. 85080 zip code