Treatment, pumping and piping engineering systems:

We are specialized to provide consultancy in to piping & conducting fluids system implementations, instalation and supply of hydraulic and piping systems. We have highly qualify coworkers and our suppliers support allow us to carry out any size and kind of project.

30 years experience support us and our coworkers ongoing training to handle the equipment and materials we offer, give us the assurance that we can advice to succes any project which uses our technology.

Our technology implementation consulting:

Maintenance policy:

Once any project with our technology is operating, it needs maintenance which guarantee succefull operation, we have a maintenace policy to your requirement, so you dont need to worry because you will have a complete an a professional team who support you up, our services can be preventives, correctives or adaptives.

Head office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. Francisco J. Mujica. St. Commercial office 2. Donceles 28 Colony, La Paz, BCS 23078 zip code

Branch office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. 1415 Dr. Norman E. Borlaug St. Municipio Libre Colony. Obregon City, Sonora. 85080 zip code