We are a mexican company with solids national and international alliances and more than two decades on water industry. Our wide experience aplicating the  global level most advanced technologies, have take us to be involved on potable water, sewage systems, agricultural, minig, aquaculture and  construction projects in general.


Here at Hydrocalsan we offer services and products to hydraulic and sewage  infrastructure constructions, as well as for sewage treatment, reverse osmosis and pumping systems to a huge range applications.


The complete satisfation of our clients needs, ofering products that exceed the expectation and requeriments in the Oficial standard and highly committed with enviroment protection.


To be a regional supplier leader by ofering the highest quality products on market which mean to get a better growth and  profiability as company.

Head office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. Francisco J. Mujica. St. Commercial office 2. Donceles 28 Colony, La Paz, BCS 23078 zip code

Branch office: Hydrocalsan SA de CV. 1415 Dr. Norman E. Borlaug St. Municipio Libre Colony. Obregon City, Sonora. 85080 zip code